Bread is the last baffling bastion of food jiggery pokery: When you think about it our Sourdough breads contain nothing more than flour, water and a little salt. It makes you wonder why some mass-manufactured products contain up to 16 baffling ingredients to produce something so simple. Our bread is a feast for all the senses. Beautiful to look at; sensual to hold; enticing to smell and delicious to eat. Even better, it’s good for the soul. 

"mmm, More?'s warm treacle bread, lightly toasted with a healthy dollop of jam. That's my taste of home"

Passion and process are the key ingredients for great baking... Oh, and the ingredients.

Gone are the days when a sandwich bread was considered to be little more than a tasteless casing for the filling. We are a more informed "foodie" society now in the UK who appreciate bread that is flavoursome and naturally nutritious. Our range of breads are constantly evolving and expanding. Our passion for producing the perfect loaf means we are always on a quest to create the ideal combination of flavour and texture. With over 30 breads available, whoever you are, trade or tourist, we are sure you will find your perfect loaf with us.

Our Bread menu is constantly evolving. Pop in to find your perfect loaf.



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