Our sourdough experts use a three-day fermentation process to guarantee that our pizza bases are as tasty as possible. In fact, we're confident that the More? Dough bases are the most chewy, tangy and crisp that you'll find anywhere. We chose the name More? Dough because we've pushed the fermentation to the max to produce these delicious bases, which we top with the most appetising and fresh ingredients we can find. 

The fermentation process may be long but the pizzas are super-speedy to cook

You can choose a Mont Blanc, with a rich b├ęchamel sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, goat's cheese, artichokes and black truffles. There's a deep pan Chicago chilli chin dripper, laden with smoky pepperoni, spicy salami, nduja and red chillies and finished with Marzano tomato sauce, rocket, pesto, fresh parmesan and mozzarella chunks. Our classic toppings could never be called boring. The Margherita is loaded with San Marzano tomato sauce and fior di latte mozzarella and flavoured with garlic oil and fresh basil.

The quality of the ingredients you'll find in many pizza bases and toppings is variable but a More? Dough pizza is made without additives and with the love and commitment to real food that comes as standard in our bakery. 

The fermentation process may be long but the pizzas are super-speedy to cook. Just 90 seconds in an extremely hot, natural gas-fired oven is all it takes for your pizza to be ready. 

You can place your order online, perhaps when you're in the car en route to the Lake District, or from the fells when you're out on your mountain bike. Either way, your More? Dough pizza will be ready when you arrive. Collect your order from us here at Staveley Mill Yard and enjoy at home or at the bakery's outdoor seating area. 

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