Say bonjour to our new café manager who really knows how to celebrate…

More? The Artisan Bakery café manager Vee
Caption: Our café manager Vee loves to make sure everyone has a great experience at More?

We’re not surprised that our new café manager Vee is a fantastic addition to the team at More? – after all she’s studied how people around the world like to celebrate.

Vee – which is short for Virginie – has a master’s degree in intangible cultural heritage. To us lay folk, that’s how people preserve and pass on their culture and traditions down the generations, through the likes of dancing, food and festivals.

At More? we like to pass on our own tradition of good food and good times. Vee has fitted in brilliantly at the café, where she makes sure our customers are having a great experience.

“I know how to party – it’s my special area,” she jokes.

Vee’s background, growing up in South West France, has also stood her in good stead for a career in hospitality. Her family love to entertain and from a young age, Vee and her brother and sister enjoyed helping out with the cooking.

“The hospitality side of my family is big and we love to host,” she said. “I really feel at home working in hospitality, always being on the go, preparing things for people, making sure they get the best experience possible and go out happier than when they came in.”

Vee has lived in Edinburgh and in Perth, Australia, where she first worked in coffee shops, immediately taking to the role. “I did my first barista training there and I absolutely loved it.”

She honed her skills in coffee shops in Cockermouth and Keswick, working up to assistant manager. When she saw the job advert for More? she had been planning to take a couple of months off but the role was such a good fit, she didn’t hesitate.

Since joining the team, she’s been enjoying the vibe in the More? café and working alongside the bakery crew. And of course her French background means she’s a connoisseur when it comes to croissants and pastries.

“I’m particularly fond of the pain aux raisin, they’re just so delicious and I can’t get enough of the almond croissants,” is Vee’s verdict.

Please say bonjour to Vee on your next visit.


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